Wish List customers who also requested Limited Quantity ornaments – July 11 Update

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This message is for customers who submitted a Wish List to us on or before July 4th and requested Limited Quantity ornament(s) at the same time.  We have completed filling customer requests for these ornaments in the order they were submitted to us and based upon our available stock.

If, at the time of your submission, you were told that you are on a “Waiting List” in case more stock becomes available, one of two things have already occured:

  1. If we were able to fill your Wait List request for a Limited Quantity ornament you were called by our staff on July 4th to inform you as such.
  2. If you did NOT receive a call from us, then we were NOT able to fill your request.

Want to check on the status of your Limited Quantity request?  Call our Ornament Hotline at 407-843-8879.  Your call will be answered by one of our Ornament Experts who can check on your request.  If your call is not answered, either our Expert is busy helping others or perhaps you have called outside of our store hours.

REMINDER:  Requested LQ ornaments MUST be purchased by store closing on Saturday, July 22nd.  If not, they will be returned to our shelves.  Sorry – we are unable to make individual reminder messages.

Some of each LQ ornament will be available for purchase from our shelves starting on July 15th (July 14th for KOC members with their Early Shopping Pass).  How many of each will be avaiable?  If we received a large allocation from Hallmark, a sizeable number will be available.  If we received a small allocation, then only a very limited number will be available.

Ordering Limited Quantity ornaments directly from Hallmark.com starting at 7:00am EDST on Saturday, July 15th

Which Limited Quantity styles CAN be ordered online from Hallmark.com?  Those that are shown throughout the Dream Book with a “Limited Quantity” banner next to them.  These are all pictured together on page 4 of the Hallmark Ornament Premiere mailer that arrived in homes starting June 26th.

Which Limited Quantity styles CANNOT be ordered directly from Hallmark.com starting on July 15th?  This includes all 8 of the Special Edition repainted ornaments to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Keepsake ornaments.  These are all pictured together on page 7 of the Dream Book and can also be found page 3 of the Hallmark mailer.  You will find these labeled on Hallmark.com as “In store only.”  However, Hallmark recently announced that these might be available for order on Hallmark.com starting on July 17th or afterwards.

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