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How Do I Get a 2020 Keepsake Ornament Dream Book?

Last updated: June 19, 2020

We now have copies of the 2020 Dream Book available for you to pickup at both of our store locations.  If you prefer Curbside Pickup, just pull up in front of our store, give just a call on the phone and we will bring one our to your car!  Of if you would prefer that we mail you a copy (available to Florida addresses only), just send an email to with your request and your mailing address and we will send one to you via First Class Mail.

You can also view the Online version of the 2020 Dream Book at  You are also able to download a Wish List there as well.  You will also find these same links on the Keepsakes Ornament page of

If you previously joined the national Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Club (KOC) for 2020, you should have already received your 2020 Membership Kit at your home.  Each kit includes a special KOC edition of the Dream Book.  If you haven’t already received yours, we suggest that you call 1-800-Hallmark for further information.  If you wish to join or renew your membership in the KOC, please visit one of our stores or


What is a Wish List and how to I get one?

An Ornament Wish List is a listing of all the 2020 Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments.  You can mark the ornaments that you want to purchase.  This is a handy way to keep track of the 4 release dates of ornaments as well as track your purchases.  You may download a Wish List from or from the Keepsake Ornaments page of

Can I submit my Wish List to Ryan’s Hallmark for fulfillment?

YES!  For 2020 we recommend this option more than ever!  We will be offering a new Express Pickup service as well as Curbside Delivery or Free Shipping to our customers throughout Central Florida.  Why? It is our opinion that some social distancing requirements will likely persist throughout 2020, especially during Ornament Premiere in July, and we want to offer you a choice of convenient and safe options to purchase your ornaments this year.

IMPORTANTLimited Quantity one-time policy change: Due to COVID-19 and the need for social distancing, Hallmark is allowing customers this year to enter requests for Limited Quantity ornaments on their Wish List.  This is being done to reduce the chance of store crowds at Ornament Premiere.  To do so, please write a quantity of 1 (max allowed) next to the name of any limited quantity ornaments that you would like to purchase.  This is NOT a guarantee of receiving these ornaments.  It is very likely that we will run out of some of our allocations, even before Premiere.  To check the latest status of limited quantity ornaments, please call our stores.  Requests will be filled in the order received.  Starting July 11th remaining Limited Quantity ornaments will be available for purchase (max 1 per style).  You will find them on the center, front table of our stores.

Remember that we fill your Wish List before we stock our shelves!  Wish Lists are filled in the order received.  So, get yours to us as quickly as you can!

How do I submit my Wish List to Ryan’s Hallmark?

You have 5 options to submit your Wish List to us:

  1. Drop if off at your favorite Ryan’s Hallmark location.
  2. Email it to us at:  You may send a scan or photos of your Wish List.  Be SURE to indicate from which of our 2 stores (Orange Ave. or Hunter’s Creek) you will be picking up your ornaments.  The date & time of your email will be used to properly enter & place your list within our system.
  3. Fax it to us.  The fax number for our Orange Avenue store is 407-841-8471.  The fax number for our Hunter’s Creek store is 407-850-9195.  You may fax us 24 hours a day.  The incoming time & date stamp will be used to properly place your list within our system.
  4. Mail it to us!  That’s right, the good old USPS is still hard at work.  You can find our street addresses here:  The postmark on your envelope will be used to properly place your list with our system.
  5. At you can create an electronic online Wish List.  You will then be asked to indicate the pickup store of your choice.  Please be sure to watch and carefully select your preferred Ryan’s Hallmark location: our S. Orange Avenue store or our Hunter’s Creek store located on Town Center Blvd.


Call our Hunter’s Creek store at 407-850-9797 or our Orange Avenue store at 407-843-8879 during business hours.  Or you can email us anytime at  We sincerely thank you for your business!

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