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UPDATE effective for October Ornament Debut: allow up to 48 hours for invoicing & payment processing before picking up your order.  Thank you!

NEW for 2020!  Skip the line with “Express Pay & Pickup” for Keepsake Ornaments.  With this free service we will invoice you for your ornaments and you can then pay for them online before picking them up.  This allows you to skip the cash register line!  This service is only offered if you have submitted a Wish List to either of our 2 stores.  Payment is accepted with any of the options offered by PayPal.  You can pick-up In-Store or at Curbside Pickup (walk-up or drive-up) or even have your purchase shipped to you free of charge (Central Florida addresses or any purchase over $49).  Save time this year with Express Pay and Pickup for ornaments! If you are interested, then read on for all of the details.

– First, contact us (phone, email, FB messenger or our website) and let us know you would like to use “Express Pay & Pickup.”  We will need your name for your Wish List and your email address.  If you have coupons or Reward Certificates, we will need the full letters and numbers that begin with “SUI”.  You can drop these off in store, read them to us over the phone, email them to us or send a scan or photo of your coupons to 

– Next, we will send you an Invoice from PayPal via email (you do not have to have a PayPal account) after your ornaments have been pulled from our stockroom.  Attached to it will be a listing of the ornaments that are ready for pickup.  Please review your list for accuracy.   If you have coupons that are not listed & deducted on your invoice, please contact us with the full listing of letters & numbers on your coupon(s) that begin with “SUI”.  See detailed instructions below.  We will send you a revised invoice itemizing the deduction of your coupons.

– Pay your invoice online using any of the payment options listed.  Your encrypted and secure payment will be processed by PayPal and we will be notified of your payment.

– Once we receive notification of your Payment, we will make note of it on your Wish List bag.  You may pick up your purchase starting at store opening time the very next day or at your convenience anytime starting on or after October 3rd.  You will have the convenient choices of picking up in-store or at Curbside Pickup (either walk-up or drive-up).  Just let one of our staff know that you are here to pickup your “Express Pay & Pickup” order.  All we need to see is your Photo ID and you will be all set to go!  Or we can ship your purchase to you free of charge (to all Central Florida addresses or purchases over $49).

– Your purchase details will be entered into the Hallmark system during the event.  Hallmark will then automatically award all Bonus Points that you have earned.

“Express Pay & Pickup” and your Coupons – detailed instructions          

We will gladly include and properly deduct all valid Hallmark coupons and Reward Certificates from your total purchase when using “Express Pay & Pickup.”.  There are 2 times when we can accept your coupons and 3 ways of getting them to us.

WHEN to get your Coupons & Rewards to us:

  1. When you first request “Express Pay & Pickup” for your order.
  2. After you have received your Invoice from us via PayPal. Contact us with your coupon information (see below) and we will send you a revised Invoice after making the proper deductions.

Sorry, but the Hallmark system does not permit deducting your coupons after you have paid for your purchase.

HOW to get your Coupons to Us:

  1. Drop off in-store
  2. Call us with the complete numbers & letters beginning with “SUI”
  3. Email us the complete letters & numbers on each coupon that begin with “SUI” or send us a photo or scan of the coupon.

Note: some reminders attached to your coupons are automatically awarded by Hallmark based upon your purchase.  These do not have a bar-code or any of the above-mentioned letters & numbers. We do not need to know about these offers as Hallmark automatically tracks & awards them.

Questions?  Contact either of our stores or send us an email to

Visit our Keepsakes Ornament page to learn more about the 2020 Keepsake Ornaments at

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