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You have 5 options to submit your Wish List to us:

  1. Drop if off at your favorite Ryan’s Hallmark location.
  2. Email it to us at:  You may send a scan or photos of your Wish List.  Be SURE to indicate from which of our 2 stores (Orange Ave. or Hunter’s Creek) you will be picking up your ornaments.  The date & time of your email will be used to properly enter & place your list within our system.
  3. Fax it to us.  The fax number for our Orange Avenue store is 407-841-8471.  The fax number for our Hunter’s Creek store is 407-850-9195.  You may fax us 24 hours a day.  The incoming time & date stamp will be used to properly place your list within our system.
  4. Mail it to us!  That’s right, the good old USPS is still hard at work.  You can find our street addresses here:  The postmark on your envelope will be used to properly place your list with our system.
  5. At you can create an electronic online Wish List.  You will then be asked to indicate the pickup store of your choice.  Please be sure to watch and carefully select your preferred Ryan’s Hallmark location: our S. Orange Avenue store or our Hunter’s Creek store located on Town Center Blvd.
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