How to Survive Ornament Premiere

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The unveiling of the newest ornaments during Ornament Premiere at Ryan’s Hallmark Shops each July is an exciting time for all of us.  It is also a very busy time in our stores.  In fact, the cash register line on Saturday morning & early afternoon, especially at our Hunter’s Creek store, is the longest that we have on any day of the whole year!

And recently it’s been getting longer, but for a shorter period of time.  Huh?  Yes, in the last couple of years the line is longer than ever on Saturday morning, but it is gone earlier in the afternoon.  This leads us to suggest that if you have submitted a Wish List and do not need to be present in the morning to purchase Limited Quantity ornaments from our shelves, then sleep in, enjoy a leisurely brunch and come see us on Saturday afternoon or anytime Sunday for the same great Bonus Point offers!

In order to help lessen your waiting time we’ve prepared a list of Questions & Answers to help you determine the shopping time that is best for you.  We hope that you find these tips helpful …

Do I really need to be in line in the morning outside the store?  Well that depends …

  • If you want to purchase Limited Quantity Ornaments from our shelves – BE FIRST IN LINE! Reminder that Limited Quantities are limit 1 per style, first-come, first-served.
  • If you are concerned that we might run out of some ornaments (sometimes happens, but more are on the way) – Be there in the Morning.
  • If you just like the hustle-bustle and excitement of Ornament Premiere – Be there in the Morning
  • If you’ve submitted a Wish List and none of the above applies to you, come see us after 2 or 3pm on Saturday or anytime on Sunday for the shortest lines or no line!

What time does the store open?

  • 8:30am on Saturday and 10:30am on Sunday, July 13 & 14, 2019

What time do people start lining up on Saturday morning?

  • On Saturday we don’t really know, but there are always some people in line when we arrive
  • On Sunday there is never a line before we open

When are the Busiest times (and longest lines) for the cash register? 

  • Saturday from opening time until 2 or 3pm

When are the Best times (shortest lines) to shop and make my purchase?

  • Saturday after 3pm or anytime on Sunday
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